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UCan Hydrate Kiwi Strawberry Sachets

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UCAN Hydrate is a clean, natural electrolyte replacement with no sugar, zero calories and 5 essential electrolytes, to keep you hydrated the healthy way. 


UCAN Hydrate is a clean, natural electrolyte replacement specially designed by an Olympic dietitian to keep you hydrated the healthy way!

  •          No sugar, zero calories
  •          5 essential electrolytes to replenish the nutrients lost in sweat
  •          Naturally sweetened with stevia
  •          No artificial ingredients


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Edge is a convenient, portable pouch that puts the power of SuperStarch in the palm of your hand. This new formula packs delicious fruit flavor that goes down smooth for optimal performance. Maximize your potential and push yourself further than ever with Edge, a pre-mixed pouch of SuperStarch to fuel you on-the-go. Finally, a way to fuel your training and competition without compromising your health with sugar. For optimal pre-workout energy, consume one pouch of Edge about 30 minutes before exercise. During longer workouts over 90 minutes, consume one pouch of Edge every 60 minutes during exercise.
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UCAN Snack Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter

UCAN bars deliver steady, anytime energy powered by SuperStarch + protein, fiber and healthy fats to curb hunger. UCAN Snack is gluten-free, low sugar, and has no trans fats, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

UCAN bars deliver steady, long-lasting energy to keep you fueled and feeling good anytime you need it!

  •          Powered by UCAN SuperStarch ® for stable blood sugar
  •          Added protein, fiber, and healthy fats for satiety
  •          Healthy pre-workout snack for steady energy
  •          Anytime snack to curb cravings
  •          Low-sugar, gluten-free, naturally sweetened, low glycemic, no trans fats


R 63.00